Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How pure is the spring source of Avoca Spring Water?
The Avoca Water hydrology report is available here.

How is Avoca Spring Water treated?
The spring flows naturally into a concrete vault on its north side where water is collected. Water is protected within the vault by a stainless steel liner and concrete top to ensure quality and purity. After the water is collected, it runs through water lines approved by National Food Safety to six 3,000-gallon tanks in the plant. Our 1-micro absolute filter removes all sediment. The water is then sterilized using ultra-violet lights, preserving the water's natural goodness. The lights are self-monitoring and automatically shut off the flow of water if proper dosage is not met. Prior to bottling, Avoca water undergoes ozonization. This is yet another step to ensure safe, quality drinking water.

How is the water protected from contamination during the bottling process?
All bottling equipment is kept in a separate "clean" room free of contaminates. The room is completely sealed when the bottling line is not running to prevent any substances from entering. Filtered exterior air is pushed into the room to create positive-pressure.

The bottle washer and filler machine is made from food-grade stainless steel. It is capable of producing 400 bottles per hour. Bottles are washed (at a minimum of 180 degrees), drained, rinsed and sterilized prior to use. An automated regulator makes sure that each bottle remains in the washer for the required amount of time. After the bottles leave the washer, they proceed to the filler. There, three bottles are filled simultaneously and are then sent to the capper which is housed in the same enclosure to prevent contamination. The process is totally mechanical to prevent human contact.

How can I tell when the water was bottled?
After being capped, each bottle is sealed and date coded for freshness prior to being placed in steel racks or pallets.

How can I purchase Avoca Spring Water?
Please call us at 607-566-8408 to purchase Avoca Spring Water for your home or business.

Who should I contact for information on pricing and delivery?
We provide residential and commercial delivery of our water as well as a pick-up option. On-site pick-up and delivery are available during our regular hours of Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Pricing depends on quantity and pick-up versus delivery. To discuss pricing and delivery options, please call us at 607-566-8408.

Can I buy Avoca in sizes other than 5-gallon water cooler bottles?
Avoca Spring Water is currently available to customers only in 5-gallon water cooler bottles. Water coolers, equipment with both a hot and cold tap, are available for rent or purchase. We have plans in place to expand our facility in the near future to produce small bottles of water for personal consumption. These plans include a line of flavored waters.

Q. Are there medical benefits to drinking Avoca Spring Water?
The Avoca Water hydrology report is available here.